Memory Care

Those living with memory loss face some of the greatest challenges of aging. At St. Ann, we help residents and their families deal with these challenges through a results-oriented approach to care that uses cutting-edge activities and therapies – including music, art, animals, spiritual care, and individualized therapy as needed – to engage their minds, bodies and spirits.

Part of how we create a feeling of family for our residents is through an approach to care similar to the Butterfly Approach. Simply stated, this approach focuses on our residents’ feelings and includes getting to know each resident’s interests, hobbies, passions and desires to create an environment in which they can thrive. We achieve this goal by working with family members to identify sources of joy and tailor activities to each resident’s taste. By creating an environment created just for them, our residents are able to participate in life with interest and enthusiasm.

Some of the programs that we use to create our unique, family environment include:

Intergenerational activities
We welcome family members of all ages to remain active in our resident’s lives. We partner with local daycare centers and host special events with children to promote this therapeutic engagement.

Resident engagement
We encourage residents to interact with each other to enhance their quality of life.

Emotional support
If a resident is confused, upset, or sad, we provide compassionate care to help ease their suffering.

Another part of creating a comfortable home for our residents includes looking out for their health and safety. Some ways we achieve this include:

Secure courtyard
Residents can enjoy the outdoors safely in this beautifully landscaped area.

Transmitter system
Each resident wears a pendant that they can activate if they need assistance.

We serve nutritious and tasty meals on brightly colored, contrasting plates, which makes it easier for residents to see and enjoy their food.

Employee Training

Memory care requires a special kind of person and we ensure that our team is not only skilled to deal with the many issues that arise, but are compassionate individuals who feel a special bond with our residents. Our staff receives ongoing, specialized training in memory care. This training allows them to be fully present and available to each resident.